To Weigh or not to Weigh

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

The Scales –  Course I’m not talking about that horrendous moment you step on the scales!  Kitchen scales, to weigh our ingredients, is it even necessary?

Today’s blog is to hopefully share my thoughts on how to gain confidence and learn to cook with your instincts.  So, it’s Sam’s birthday weekend and I will be baking a cake, many mums do so for their little cherubs and I am no different, we have a favourite recipe which always delivers.

There are very few occasions that I use weighing scales in the kitchen, baking is one and the other is when making and packing my spices, with a business, I need to be consistent so scales are very useful.

So, where is this leading to?  Traditional Indian mums don’t have scales, they don’t even weigh when cooking in larger quantities, I have a natural instinct to cook, I like to use spoons, cups and half a bag of such and such, it works, because I use my senses, I smell for fresh spices, tasting finished dishes, touching for textures of the dough, listen for the boiling kettle and the list goes on.

The trickiest part of cooking a curry is the spicing, that’s when the curry masala come to life.  It’s a versatile spice to help with creating those authentic, tasty dishes, a perfect base for curry and if you are feeling adventurous, remember salt, chilli, lemon, cream, nuts, vegetables, herbs are just some of the ingredients to enhance the final dish.

It’s easier than you think, just have a go, think about how a finished dish should look and taste and remember once you start to practise your cooking skills, you will begin a fun culinary journey, that’s interesting, full of your favourite flavour combinations, you can set your own rules, go on, have a go and if you need any advice, please ask!



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Lajina Leal, Lajina Masala

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