Top 5 Curry Suggestions as stocking filler gifts

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Three weeks today, we will be opening our Christmas presents and stockings, some of you will have Lajina Masala vouchers to present to your loved ones, particularly exciting as they will be cooking with me and taking goodies back for you to share.  A gift that will teach skills in the Indian kitchen and you get to enjoy after, what a fabulous gift? Bonus all round, one for you and one for them!

This is a perfect opportunity to remind you of those lovely little pots of bold spices that can create your favourite curries, with the addition of a sprinkle of salt and perhaps a chilli or two for those daring few, you have a basic, flavoursome and healthy, speedy curry sauce, lovingly home made.

A Basic Curry using the CURRY MASALA Pot

Fry some onion, add a pinch of salt, the CURRY Spice pot and allow the pan to sizzle, don’t let it burn, a splash of water helps to cool the pan down and create a good sauce, pour in some tomato and you have a basic curry sauce, this can be used for chicken, red meat, fish, vegetables, pulses, a selection of ingredients.

Tikka Masala

Simply marinade the curry masala pot, a pinch of yoghurt and chicken/vegetables with some thick Yoghurt (I use Greek yoghurt) for an hour minimum and add this to your fried onion, finish with some single cream.  I like to add some fresh chilli too, but I like a little heat.


Cook your washed and cleaned lentils, without adding any salt, boil until cooked, add the basic curry sauce to the lentils, you might like to finish your lentils with fresh tomatoes, spring onions, a little butter and fresh coriander.


A tin of coconut milk, some ground almonds and maybe some flaked almonds to finish will turn your curry into a delicious, nutty, sweet and creamy Korma.

Rogan Josh

In my opinion, the best way to cook lamb, make your basic sauce up on the hob, seal your lamb in the sauce and then cook it in the slow cooker on the lowest heat for 6-8 hours, I add a potato or washed lentils to the pot, a small knob of butter and fresh coriander would be my choice, serve with a mint raita.


Just add some peppers ten minutes towards the end of cooking time.

All Curry recipes can be found on:  /recipes/



The GARAM Masala pot, is entirely different, please don’t get the two confused, use this for adding a little spice to every day dishes and essentially finish Indian dishes, here’s a link to the garam masala, just remember a pinch for this one!


Christmas Rush

We don’t seem to have any time leading up to Christmas, with shopping, planning, visiting, partying to cram into one month, having the family around over Christmas is lovely, a time to stop, cook from scratch and just enjoy the peaceful, family time.  It’s my favourite time to learn new cuisines and get adventurous in the kitchen, I always rely on my spices, even when cooking dishes that are not traditionally Indian.

Stock up for Christmas

Whether you choose to put the spice pots in your loved ones’ stocking or part of their Christmas present, they the base spice to create six different curries, deliciously home made, bursting with homely Indian flavours.

Whilst ordering your spice pots, just remember to stock up for yourselves, perfect to turn all those Christmas left overs into something spicy.  To purchase the spice pots, here is the link: /shop/

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you need any more information or require dates for the workshops, please do not hesitate to contact me, thank you, as always for your support, Lajina.

Happy Christmas Shopping!





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