Yule Adore a little Spice This Christmas – Day Eighteen

Monday, December 18th, 2017

Day Eighteen of my Advent calendar and Sam, my lovely son, whose back home from uni thinks I should be talking about cooking skills in general and how I can cook all our favourite everyday meals from scratch without scales or recipes.

I take it for granted, but as early as my teenage years, I absolutely wanted to be a cookery teacher. The journey to having my own business and actually learning to cook has been an interesting one.  In my younger years, it was about learning to bake cakes and now it’s about cooking nutritionally healthy meals, relatively quickly that we can all enjoy as a family at least 3/4 times a week.


Did I ever think I would invent spice mixes or even teach in cooking schools? It’s been a journey that has grown beyond my expectations and I think it starts with young people.

The earlier you get them interested in ingredients, the easier it is for them to start cooking for themselves.  I have just gone downstairs to find Sam eating a super healthy sandwich he’s made for himself with lots of salad and using wholemeal bread, it looked delicious and that’s exactly how I had hoped to raise him.

He’s just said that a cookery lesson is an ideal present for his age group as you learn a skill for life. So, if you have youngsters at uni, maybe a voucher from me is the ideal present?  Please get in touch if I can help you plan your ideal lesson.

There’s still time to stock up on spices, perfect as stocking fillers so please get in touch if I can help.


Yule adore a little Spice

As I head off to teach my last lesson for 2017, I wish you all a lovely Christmas.


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