The Masala Mix in January has never tasted so good!

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Christmas and New Year seem a distant memory and so let’s take a tour around January through my eyes and all the bits I have managed to get involved in.

The first lesson of the year was a naan bread and curry made from a veg box selection.  You can find my super simple naan recipe here: /recipe/home-made-easy-naans/  You might like to try the peshwari naans, just don’t burn your mouth tasting them.  They are so hard to resist when bubbling hot from the pan.


The next lesson I taught was a group of three ladies, they made so many dishes and even did their own shopping.  These lessons are a new offering from me, please choose your dishes and I turn up with my spice box and teach you all the tips and tricks of the trade.  The price is £199 plus travel,  this is great for me, it frees me up to write recipes, teach and do what I do best, rather than be out shopping for ingredients and you, the customer will know exactly what you need to continue your curry creations.  As always, you can decide on the dishes so I’m teaching you skills that are most useful for you.


There was another lesson with a young man whose an apprentice in a catering kitchen, we made bhajes and pakoras together and he helped me prep for the radio interview in London that I did.  I learn so much from him and I will check to see if he’s ok to be introduced to you all.

The radio interview was great fun, a huge thank you to Sam, my son, who came with me. We took samples of traditional pakoras, daal, naans and butter chicken. The verdict was one of the best curries they had tasted!!!  Here’s the recipe, made with my curry masala:  /recipe/butter-chicken/  Who would have thought that I could cook one of the best curries they have tasted…… in London?? I love to teach you to cook, sharing all I know so you can continue to cook delicious, simple dishes.  Here’s a link to the radio interview:

I did a WI demo, I do love doing the demonstrations, feeding fabulous guests tasty curries and making them laugh, can it get any better?

Despite all of the bits you see me doing, there are loads of behind the scenes jobs that I don’t have time to share like the catering jobs for parties and samples I drop off, not to mention my business planning.


Last weekend, I taught some of the lucky recipients of gift vouchers to cook at one of my workshops in Little Wenlock Village Hall’s kitchen.  We had a great time. The usual format is we all make starters, which we enjoy for lunch and then the cooks return to make a curry to take home.  It was a great group and again a HUGE thank you to my gorgeous assistant, Sam, who happens to be my son.  Please watch out for future workshops around Shropshire, they are very popular classes and happy to include your favourite dishes, as always.


The month ended on a high with a very important trip to Parliament with some of the greatest foodies in Shropshire talking about what we do best.  Lajina Masala is a very special business, not only do I assist with simple spice blends, but I teach you to cook, adapting recipes to suit your palate and tastes.  I have a unique, fun and hands-on style, which just seems to work. If ever there was a time to say thank you to my clients, this is it.  2018 has been very good to me so far.

I look forward to cooking with you, at Fed UP FEB!











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