International Women’s Day and Lajina Masala

Friday, March 8th, 2019

Congratulations and warmest welcome to all those celebrating and taking part in International Women’s Day.  Hope it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect, just as I have.

Very few cared on the day I was born, my birth didn’t bring any joy to those that mattered.  Equally, they won’t when I die, they sadly won’t share my struggles, my joys, my journey to now, my journey for tomorrow. Simply because I was born a female.

Ironically, my biggest success to date is becoming a mother. Throughout my pregnancy, I had wanted a baby girl. I look back with fondness of wanting to share sweets when I had a daughter, all those traditions we save for the birth of a son and I was planning to do so for when I had my own daughter.  I would change the world, show them that daughters are as precious as sons, if not more.

It was never meant to be, I was blessed with one child, he was beautiful from the moment he was born and perfect in every sense. Because he’s a human, the next generation to be nurtured and loved, my baby.  As a child, he had dolls to play with, he wasn’t remotely interested in them. I would have painted his nails, let him wear dresses, but he just wanted to kick a football.

Now, I have intelligent conversations with this amazing young man who educates me, he teaches me that unconditional love does exist.  It’s incredible what I learn from my own son, how his advice is so mature, how did that even happen when I know so little?

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True equality is celebrating who we are as individuals. For International Women’s Day, I’d like to take a moment and just celebrate being a modern female, with amazing friends, a beautiful family and the loving support of the business community around me.

On a business note, I am so very fortunate, for the position I am in, now an award winner, who could have predicted the most amazing clients would learn to cook from me?   I’m not sharing the joys of my spices as I should, repeat orders are coming in thick and fast and today is the third time this week, that I am packing spices.  I commit to sharing this spice journey in the near future, with you, please watch this space.

I can’t really write such a personal blog without acknowledging the phenomenal support of my husband, Krish.  His endless patience is legendary. 141

Regardless of gender, sexuality, Brexit, religion, politics, blah, blah, blah…. we are just human beings meandering a way through, trying our best, with the greatest people beside us.  For that, we should be hugely humble, the true celebration of the modern world.

8 responses to “International Women’s Day and Lajina Masala”

  1. Dorothy says:

    Beautiful words Lagina xx

  2. Scott says:

    Lajina Leal nice blog very personal shows you in a really nice light. X

  3. WOW Lajina, What an amazing blog. Its raw and from the heart.

    You are a true and wonderful role model for those that have walked the same journey and for those that have not! Thank you for sharing.

    Happy International Women’s Day you fabulous woman and beautiful person! xxx

  4. What a lovely blog from a wonderful person. This woman is my rock and I am so lucky to have her and her insight in my life (and her amazing food of course!) xx

  5. Julie Verhoeven says:

    What an amazing story! Today is my daughter birthday and I feel truly blessed, it surprising the twists and turns life throws at us, and our greatest achievement is helping shape the future generation. And giving them good positive role models like yourself ! Well done

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