It’s just the beginning of Corona Virus

Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

There have been times in my life that I have felt lower and I know that we will get through these challenging times.  As sad as I feel, my mental health feels it can cope.  I have a great family network, brilliant neighbours, fantastic friends and I have paying clients who have helped me to achieve my dream business.  I cannot express my gratitude for all the beautiful messages I have received, thank you and see you on the other side.

thank you

Lajina Masala spices were never created for a Corona Virus outbreak, that’s not to say stop using them.  The spices are rich, spicy, to create exceptionally beautiful meals, guaranteed to deliver great restaurant quality dishes every time. They are an ingredient in their own right and I am working towards a celebration meal, which will become part of a subscription service, it will be known as my fun curry club and something to look forward to.


Meanwhile, we have a problem with isolation, scary times ahead and some of the social media posts aren’t helpful.  We need to share positive messages and support each where possible.

As a family, we have to remain strong.  Krish is home at present and my bookings have been, quite understandably cancelled or postponed until later this year.  Sam is busy studying at home, he listens to his webinars and has taken over my office.   I cook something super healthy most evenings and we will stop to discuss the days’ events and eat together.  Meal times, for us are a special time, always will and always have been. Home cooking is the “glue” to our little family.


Which takes me to the future of home cooking for Lajina Masala. So, all businesses have to adapt and adapt we must, listen to you, our amazing customers and offer solutions that guaranteed to deliver speedy effective results.  Personally, I will rely on some basic store cupboard ingredients for lightly spiced meals because we won’t be living our usually busy lives. Ingredients might be tricky to source and we might have to tighten our purse strings.

So I’ll be sharing lots of simple tips and tricks to try to bring a little joy to our famillies.

One of the simplest Indian meals of all time is and always will be Daal and Roti, lentils and flatbreads.

For the simplest daal (lentil) Curry,  all you need are dry or tinne  lentils/chickpeas/ beans, turmeric, cumin seeds, salt, chilli flakes to create a basic curry.  If you have some garam masala, then treat it as gold dust because it can bring meals to life.  If you have some onions and a little tomato puree, then even better.

I will write a complete blog about cooking lentils and beans, it really will be a healthy, nutritious and cheap dish to serve over the coming months.


For the flatbreads, any flour will do. I like to use a half of each, plain and wholemeal flours.  Here is a link to some easy chapaties or roti, flat breads. Simple to make and perfect as a Home Economics lesson with the children, they’ll have so much fun!


If you’d like me to create some super simple recipes with very few ingredients, please let me know and I will start with a tasty, protein packed daal (entils) and roti (flatbreads).

Please be safe, don’t take risks, wear a face mask and wash your hands, with love, Lajina x

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