A Little About Lajina’s Curry Club

Friday, July 17th, 2020

Recently, I was told my spices were overpriced and I was asked to justify the cost of Curry Club, YOUR online Indian cooking school and spice subscription service…curry_club_bg

Lajina’s Curry Club costs £10 a month for entry to my cooking school and a selection of my handmade spices, safe and secure through your door.  (I’m such a poet).

Don’t worry, I’ve dealt with negativity before, and don’t owe anybody any explanation or justification for being me.  It’s so cringe-worthy, but here’s a little explanation of why Lajina Masala came to be and how you can benefit from learning to cook with me.

 Little About My Business

The focus has until very recently been on team building activities and teaching cooking, however, I have not had the resources to build on the spice part of my business.

Lajina Masala is still a tiny local business and I do not have the buying capacity for the bulk purchase of spices to reduce my costs.

The spices I use are of the very best quality, and from a very special supplier. This retains my 5* Food Hygiene Rating, guarantees that your safety is my priority.

5 star

All spices are cleaned, roasted (where necessary) ground and packed by hand to create convenient spice blends for YOU, in my home kitchen by me. Some of the Lajina Masala spice blends have been invented by me for your convenience, others are essential Punjabi spice blends, that you may recognise. There isn’t a speedier, tastier and healthier way to cook your Indian food.

I spend many, many hours on Curry Club, planning, creating the spice blends, writing the recipes, delivering the live cookalongs.  Ensuring that everybody who wants to cook with me, can.

We are now 6 weeks into Curry Club. We’ve have had 2 shipments of subscription boxes delivered to members, and I have written an e-book for each month of Curry Club so far, to tie into each month’s theme.


Initially, it was planned and advertised that members would receive 3 x 15g spices every month as part of their subscription, however, I soon revised this and decided that Curry Club members should enjoy receiving larger quantities of my handmade spices instead, that’s over double the quantity promised at the outset!

As a Special Introductory Offer on the launch of Curry Club, 25 members were also invited to subscribe at the reduced rate of £7.50 per month! The usual price is currently £10 per month for new members, and is due to be reviewed in the near future… however, to show my appreciation for the wealth of enquiries I received on launching Curry Club, I decided at that time to extend my Special Offer and allowed a further 40 members, that’s 65 members in total, to enjoy the lower Introductory price!

Lajina Masala Curry Clubbers are so very important to me, they have trusted me, my family, my business, they are so important and I will always be grateful for them joining me on this journey.

thank you

The £10 monthly subscription cost broken down:

Your monthly subscriptions help to cover the cost of quality spices for your Spice Blends, pouches, and branded labels. Packaging; boxes, design and print costs, branded stickers, and tissue paper.  Postage, e-commerce fees, PayPal fees, marketing and admin fees, local delivery costs to the kids who post the spices out, utility cost, mileage, and diesel expenses, did I mention insurance?

They DO NOT include my time, Krish’s filming time and Sam’s Q&A, not to mention shopping, cleaning, roasting, grinding or packing of the spices.


Nor does it include my mentor Chris Haycock’s time in developing the branding or website costs, he has NEVER been paid.  He has even designed the logo without being paid!  He is just launching a new website so please watch this space if you need assistance with sales and marketing: https://therainmakers.club/

There have been boxes that have gone missing which I have replaced and there are many other costs such as equipment and the tripod for filming.

box and wrapper

Curry Club was set up to support me and my business, bolster my mental health and to give us as a family a focus through this pandemic.

It exists to support those that trust me with their family meals, they have invested their precious family time with me, it’s a responsibility that I feel honoured to have, thank you.

I didn’t have the greatest childhood and how I have achieved a peaceful, loving home in my adult life. My childhood and adult life are a million miles apart, I believe you can change history.  Us, as a family, prove it.


So, before questioning my “over-priced” subscription boxes, and why I would choose to launch Curry Club now, especially when I could be de-cluttering my house, re-decorating or topping up my tan…

Please understand all the above, and the costs involved in setting up and providing such a personal service.

If this post has inspired you to cook, to stop and spend some time with your family, be it cooking or planning meals or just going out to eat, brilliant.  For us, mealtimes are an occasion, we talk about them, we plan, cook together and tidy together.

team Photo

I have created a beautiful addition to my business in the form of Curry Club, and in such a short space of time. I would like to personally thank all those around me, who lovingly support me, unconditionally.  Your love and support mean so much more than you can imagine.

To Krish, my husband, who often finds I have disappeared in the middle of the night to my laptop or spices, sorry, and thank you.


To our son, Sam, the funniest young person in the universe, thank you, it’s all because of you.  My little Mr Perfect for just being YOU.


If you’d like to learn how to cook an Indian meal at home, please consider joining my Curry Club, it really is amazing value, you will get all the spices you need, recipes to create perfect dishes every time, E-books and fun interactive live tutorials from me. There are competitions and so many hints and tips on the Lajina’s Curry Club group Facebook page too. The list goes on!

Here is the link: https://www.lajinamasala.com/lajinas-curry-club/





2 responses to “A Little About Lajina’s Curry Club”

  1. Lorraine Wild says:

    Hello Lajina,
    Curry club is amazing. I’m loving it. Over-priced, no way – I think you are undervaluing what you are doing. £10 for spices and teaching? Making spices, packaging, posting, e-books and online teaching…… you are doing an incredible job.

    Thank you

    • Lajina Leal says:

      Thank you Lorraine for learning to cook with me, I’m glad you are enjoying it and big thanks again for leaving a review.

      Kindest Regards, Lajina

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