Diwali Wishes from our loving home to yours

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

Did you know it’s Diwali?  It’s the festival of lights, celebrated in many Hindu, Sikh, Jain and some Buddhist families.  For us, we tend to cook and enjoy a feast with Indian sweets and light candles throughout the house.  We prefer to stay at home and if we can find sparklers, have a sparkle lighting ceremony that lasts all of 2 minutes in the cool damp October or November air.

Diwali as a child was far more fun, my dad would go shopping and buy mithais, Indian sweets, a selection box of fireworks, which I always thought was super extravagant but he probably only spent £10.00 on them and he was as excited as a child at Christmas.  The best memories of such a wonderful person.

The best thing that I loved about my dad was that he would go to the pub and bring us all little bottles of pineapple juice and bags of nuts. We didn’t have a lot back then but those bottles of pineapple juice were the best treat.  They weren’t just a bottles of juice or snacks, they were love, we were in his thoughts despite him having a jolly good time drinking with his mates.

It must be a thing because Krish’s dad brought back crisps and tomato juice, it’s not as exotic as our pineapple juice.

Diwali is a festival of joy, which brings along new beginnings and reminds us that there is good, it’s a reminder that no matter how difficult life seems, the good will always win in the end.

Traditionally, deep frying is a must for your Diwali feast, it resembles the crackle of the fireworks so I’ll be making a batch of onion bhajies later, any excuse!

October and November are special for us, we have birthdays and Diwali and there’s a bigger battle on our hands than usual because we love food and meals are central to our celebrations and then we have Christmas straight after.  We were discussing Christmas gifts and have decided to treat ourselves to a day out together and realize those experiences, special family time and the memories we create are absolutely more important than expensive gifts. Just look at how fondly we remember our pineapple and tomato juice bottles!?!

So, Happy Diwali to each of you, from our family to yours, may it bring peace, good health and an abundance of love to you all.





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