Blog Post 01 – Ditching the Scales

Wednesday, July 6th, 2022

Ok, so you’ve heard this all before from me, I am going to tackle my weight and fitness, take that challenge and THIS TIME, nothing is going to get in my way.

Anyone that knows me, knows this is my biggest struggle.

This time it is different because I am armed with a fact around my health that, quite frankly, defines why I have struggled with my weight so much.

I have a growth on my pituitary gland, it’s something that I was not expecting back in 2020 when I had a persistent ear infection which reared its’ ugly head.  So, when the world was facing a virus like never before, I literally slept through, trying to recover from the monthly ear infection flare up that went from my ear, neck, sinuses and throat accompanied with headaches from hell.  Literally the most ridiculously painful symptoms, hitting me every month, with something new to tackle.  I’m not great at going to the doctor’s so I tried one of my remedies before I got summoned to the doctors by Sam and Krish.  Initially, I thought these were menopausal symptoms, sorry to drop the age hint, I know somewhere in my head, I am only in my mid 20’s.

The growth in my pituitary gland is what is known as an “incidental find” and  I kid you not, if ever there was a term that annoys the hell out of me, well incidental find it is. The growth was found in 2021 after a routine MRI scan.

It was a call to the Pituitary Foundation in March 2022 that offered so much support, the nurse I spoke to helped me understand the condition and helped me understand that it’s something that I need to learn to embrace and live with longer term. For more information about the Foundation, click the link below.

What is the pituitary gland? | The Pituitary Foundation

This discussion was the pivotal moment that I decided to tackle my weight and my health became a priority.

After being selected to deliver some healthy eating training to some wonderful local ladies, I knew I had to lose weight for the benefit of my customers. The weight loss attempt did not come to fruition.

So, fast forward to June 2022, after many failed attempts at dieting, I drove around with my gorgeous friend Lisa to look around different gyms.

A Ladies Only Gym

It was a roasting hot day and we found a ladies only gym that just terrified us, we literally watched this class and drove off in a cloud of smoke. There was no soul or personality, it was a no go for us!

Off to another

The next gym was in Wellington, yeah, those sweaty places, full of beefed up fellas, but I had already spoken to C who was so welcoming and K showed us around.  Poor K, don’t know what he was thinking, maybe “hello, these two ain’t gonna hang around long”.

Meet the Personal Trainers

Early days, we danced with C, it was such good fun, she has the brightest smile and really brought the session to life, it was a pleasure to be there.  We started to find our feet around the gym and the swimming pool (big Attraction).  In the early days, we also tried Yoga with DT, it was amazing to stretch and he’s truly so talented, we were hooked.

K will beast you in sweatfest (more swearfest) but somehow just keeps us going.  So, if you are looking to slide around on a sweaty mat, this is the class to try!

Little T, don’t be deceived by his baby looks, this left footed winger, (whose just signed his first contract) will have your legs, bumming and tumming around like a pro and he will even find you a tune from the 90’s (if you ask him nicely) but DO expect to be told he was not even born in the 90’s.

Our Newbie Trainer N is full of bright, healthy, happy energy, she is so enthusiastic and I can’t wait for her to teach me to tan.  Don’t lose that special sparkle you have.

Big T is another yoga pro, teaches it brilliantly,  generous with his time and really supports you to find the stretch, I think he might have been the first person to play an 80’s tune for us, thank you.

Aquacise with L is pretty special, she talks about gratitude and celebrating the session and how we should appreciate that we are here to train. She’s always dressed brightly, with a naturally friendly and encouraging nature.

Lisa and I love the classes and the freedom to pick and choose, there’s plenty of choice and the PT’s are fully equipped with the skills to deal with our giggling, hysterical moments.

Choosing a Personal Trainer 

It was bound to be difficult but as DT was the first person we met in yoga,  I thought I would have a PT session with him and it’s a decision I don’t regret.  DT noticed I had an injury and supported my training through it, that’s when I decided I would like to have a weekly session.

These personal training sessions are to cherish for that moment in time, I feel the benefit from these sessions in the other classes that I do, but they are not exercises I have the confidence in trying alone, not yet.

It’s hugely rewarding to have that dedicated time and I trust the process that it brings. As I go through this journey, I hope to progress in my training regime.

As you all will know, through my eyes, Sam is the most wonderful human to ever live, he’s incredibly intelligent, somebody whose opinions I will always love and respect.  Well, DT is the same age and went to the same school as Sam, I can see DT easily slotting into Sam’s friendship groups, so there’s a level of respect for DT because of that connection, is there any other need for me to justify my choice of trainer?

The second PT session resulted in me bouncing into the changing rooms with fellow ladies asking if I needed CPR… lol.  The ladies changing rooms is a special space, where we chat and support each other. I’ll cover this in a future blog.


So why am I sharing this journey with you?

The results have blown me away.

I wake up in such a good mood, when usually I like to sleep for 15+ hours, I am sleeping for about 7, waking up with tons of energy, ready to tackle the day.

My head is clearer, I am more capable in my work and my mental health is so much stronger than it has ever been.

I thought I would be exhausted and could not managed to work or look after the business, which is absolutely not the case.

I was struggling to teach my in-person classes and felt that LM needed to be put to bed, I was failing miserably to juggle the balls to keep everything flowing.   I was ashamed of the brain fog I was feeling and this had become a closely guarded secret.

There is a new found drive in me to perform better, for you, my gorgeous curry clubbers and LM spicers.  Watch this space for a healthier, speedier, and nutritious home cooking experience.

All my findings need to be shared because as you will know, we make too many allowances for ageing when that does not need to be case.  We are encouraged to take HRT and the menopause process has such a negative culture.  I need to change the narrative for me and if this blog only supports me, then here it is.

The Blips

Weighing myself – this is a blog in its’ own right.  Sam has threatened to throw the scales out of the window if he catches me on them.

Sam has ordered the scales to be put in the loft by Krish!

Lisa sent me her weight chart to support my drama, more tantrum than drama.

DT has said to weigh myself once a week on a Saturday, think Friday is best for me to stay on track over the weekend.

The Highs

We always need to end on a high.

Not participating in their Friday chippy shop tea – That’s a MAHUSSIVE one for me.

Ordering water when my handsome other half has a mocha and cake – this is entirely possible and I live to share my smugness.

I get to spend loads of time laughing with Lisa without pizza and alcohol involved.

There’s usually a protein rich, super healthy meal waiting for me as I arrive back from the gym (thank you my lovelies).  The reason you should be sharing the cooking responsabilities.

Krish, Sam and I walk and I get an extra (free) training session where I am marched up the hill.

Sam monitors my protein sources on a daily basis, trying to get to 100g per day.

Krish seems to love me that bit more (never thought that was possible).

What’s next?

Keep going with some of you joining me, I hope.

Appreciate all that I have, a loving, peaceful home with beautiful people to share this with.

16 responses to “Blog Post 01 – Ditching the Scales”

  1. Krishan Leal says:

    Summed up really well, on the road to recovery mentally and physically. Keep up the training and the rewards will be tremendous. Love Always, Krish

  2. Susie Verity says:

    What a journey you have been through! I am delighted to have met you ( and Krish) having come out the other side. Obviously happier and healthier and beautiful inside and out. X

  3. Lyn says:

    Congratulations on your enthusiasm Lajina and for facing up to your diagnosis with such positivity.
    A very dear friend of mine had reason to contact the Pituitary Foundation for support 20+ years ago, they were amazing then and it seems they are still amazing today.
    Good luck with everything and there is no doubt you will achieve your goal xx

    • Lajina Leal says:

      thank you Lyn, it’s so kind of you to leave a message, the foundation helped me to understand that you can overcome the challenges and i am so glad I reached out. I feel so much stronger already, thanks again, Lajina

  4. Natalie says:

    I’m glad you’ve found someone to support you 🙂 as always, wishing you the best x

    • Lajina Leal says:

      so lovely of you to comment and thank you for supporting me last year through the toughest times, it definitely left me wanting more. Thanks again, Lajina x

  5. Sunanda Bailey says:

    Straight from the heart always Lajina. I’m so happy for you that you have alighted on something that brings a new lease of life. We all need something that embraces change, change is the one constant in life, and you prove here that it doesn’t have to be outside of your direction. As someone famously said “be the change you wish to see in the world” – your generous share does just that. You shine <3

    • Lajina Leal says:

      so lovely of you to comment, thank you Sunanda! You encouraged me to try swimming, it started the ball rolling and I am so glad you did, thanks again x

  6. Rachel Henley says:

    Really great read, glad to hear you are finding your way with it, your positivity, humour and honesty are an inspiration – keep on doing what you do 😎

    • Lajina Leal says:

      that’s so kind of you to leave a comment, thank you Rachel, not just for doing so, but keeping an eye out, really appreciate it, thanks again x

  7. Shams says:

    Oh Lajjna, we let the spring & summer (you know in reality it’s a 4 week window!), pass. Reading your update, ahead of an overdue catch up, is a reminder of your strength & humour, that never fails to waiver, despite all the challenges you have endured.

    Love the your blog, love your resilience. Huge respect to you!

    • Lajina Leal says:

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment, Shams. I’m on the greatest journey of all and so excited to be sharing, reviewing it and feel I have the support right by me to get through.

      thanks again and sending love, Lajina

  8. Paul Leal says:

    Hey Lajina I’m sure your journey towards recovery will serve as an inspiration to others. Your courage and sense of humour jump off the page yet reveal a vulnerable human being able to accept the love and support of her family and learn to turn adversity into opportunity. May you be blessed.

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