Blog Post 03 – Bottomless Bruises and Shopping Heaven

Friday, July 22nd, 2022

Where do I start with this blog post, my epic shopping trip where I purchased, 2 new gym legging thingies, 2 new t-shirts, 2 pack of socks, 2 new pairs of trainers….

I know, right, one is a practical weight-lifting pair, the other, I just lurved, and to justify this purchase, please remember my last pair of trainers were from 2012 when I ran a half marathon.  Like how nobody is ever going to be allowed to forget that I got my rather round self around a 13.1 circuit.  Here’s a photo of me, straight after with my bestie!

Whatever lead to this humungous and rather extravagant shopping trip?

Glad you asked, with me attending several gym sessions per week and because my kit gets washed every time I go, I decided, somewhere in my head, that the world, or fellow gym goers need to know that I change my kit regularly.  So, off I trotted to buy the brightest and most colourful kit so there will be no confusion.

It’s nuts, right, because nobody cares…. genuinely nobody cares what you wear and how you look!

And the good news is

one of the pairs of leggings was smaller and was meant to be kept for a later date.  Me being me, like an excited child on Christmas Day, wore said pair of smaller  leggings and then had visions of these ripping in my much loved yoga class.

I had already mentally decided to wear my yoga mat around my waist, if these smaller leggings split.

The good news is, they did not, the gym, classes, water, diet, and PT sessions are clearly working, RESULT! Keep going…… this is IT!!!

Back to the last shop

Krish and Sam had joined me on this shopping trip and went off to look at gym equipment whilst I spotted a wobble ball and confidently thought, I’d LOVE a go on that. As if I am short of my own “wobble” going on !?!

Arms loaded with leggings, swimwear, bags AND my handbag, I carefully place one foot on the side of the right side of the balance board and felt great, got full control, then, stood on the right side and immediately slipped.  Bang my right bottom cheek landed onto a bar that was holding up medicine balls and I just fell onto my right side.

It happened very quickly and it hurt, lots.

Well, if I said the store shook, it might be an understatement, Krish and Sam came to tell me how embarrassed they were and I had to somehow get up as quickly as possible, without anybody noticing.

I’m just happy my pretty dress didn’t rip!

Anyway, I have the bruisiest of left bottom cheeks, ever!!  It has taken a week, but I have found a way to discreetly share my bruises for some of my female friends.

Incidentally, whilst doing routine research, I discovered aloe vera is great for healing bruises, So I have been wandering around with a split aloe leaf stuck to my bruises.

Now that you have heard all about the major blip in my training routine

I have still managed to go to the gym on the designated days and although my bruises throb away, I have been careful and following the PT’s advice, have still managed to train.

This is quite incredible, because my usual lazy gene would have dominated with this setback. It could have resulted in a week or two in bed.  However, I have still eaten well, drank loads of water, trained and just kept going.  What I never managed was 8-10k steps a day, that might be the weather but I’m conscious of this now so I’ll be super careful next week.

A little marinade

Last week’s Curry Club Cookalong was tandoori fish, rice, salad and a gorgeous pineapple chutney, so fresh, so HELLO SUMMER!

Please get in touch if you’d like to join curry club or just fancy  a one-off cookalong to take a sneaky look at how we cook.

Thanks again, as always for being by my side, supporting, caring and just generally keeping me in this super, great head space.



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