Blog Post 4 is dedicated to Krish, my better half.

Monday, August 1st, 2022

It’s our 26th wedding anniversary on the 3rd of August and it feels only right that I celebrate this occasion in a blog and dedicate this to Krish, my loooong suffering better half.

Dear Darl,

When I thought about my gift to you this year, the only surprise I wanted to gift to you, simply could not happen this week because well, you know, my diary is crammed full, sorry about that.

Here are 26+ random things I love about you, no particular order and hope you enjoy the memories, as much as I cherish them.

Thank you for agreeing to marry me and sharing all that you have with me, unconditionally.

I love that you drew on my hand in the car on our wedding day, I remember that so well.

I love that you agreed to start a family with me and what a beautiful family we have?

I love that time we stayed in York and skipped back home after that night out, could we do that again?

I love that you bought this gift for Sam, on the day that he was born and it’s my favourite to this day.

I love that you are the constant strength in our relationship, reliable and dependable, especially as I am not.

I Love that you are and always will be the greatest dad to our child.

I love to remember all those memories we made in our first year of marriage – shall we re-create them including Paris?

I love that cup of coffee you make me each day, it’s the best coffee on earth, ever.

I love that you can do 60 flutter kicks and keep going without me distracting you (it’s also not normal to do THAT many), but you really should stop and laugh at my distraction tactics, if only to humour me.

I love that you are going for your second dan (or whatever it’s called) Lau ghar kung fu – see I do pay attention.

I love the way you sweat and strip off when you eat my curries, any excuse to strip off, eh?

I love how you proof read my writing and how you  drop your standards to do so.

I love how you fix all the things I break, from fridge magnets to cars to my heart.

I love how you sort my mobile phones out, organise the data and do all the necessary backups on my laptop, my favourite tech guy, ever!

I love how you always pay the bills and you never question my purchases, you are indeed, too good to me.

I love that your good looks are here to stay and that you just seem to grow younger over the years.

I love how you make the bed…

I love that you no longer put my washing away – there’s enough dramas in this world without me losing my not so small, smalls.

I love how we have the same beliefs and values around our home and family, that you strive for peace and love in all that you are, I try to learn from you, thank you xxx

I love your response when I gifted you this rose.

I love that you taught me to add up…. and down!

I love how clever you are, you seriously should do a Mensa test.

I love you at Christmas, from the moment you decide to bring the decorations down from the loft, right up until new year.  Now, more so with the new addition to our family in the form of RS.

I love that sneaky rum you have with a coke, have double or treble, I LOVE it, I fully 100% approve, please just don’t include me.

I love that you just put up my messy, scatty ways and don’t even try to change me, thank you.

I love that you always check to see if I need conditioner, yes, I love that, you are too generous.

I love that you are always set up to play your keyboard, please play it more, life is too short not to.

I love how you help me with my business and lugg all my stuff around for me and fit everything into the car!

I love how you always support my next nutty project and the next one and the next one and all the ones that haven’t even thought of yet!

I think I LOVE this most, Sam has the greatest role model in you, we should never lose the joy of having such a glorious child, especially now he’s a such fine young man.

I love that you accept me for me and you allow me to grow, it’s because of you I have this amazing journey, yep, I recognise it’s because I have the greatest life partner in you.

I love that you appreciate my romantic gestures and that mirror I got you for Valentines, is on your desk with my tacky note about you being my better looking half is still attached to it… lol xx yes, I love that.

I love that you will always love me, regardless of my size, my mental, emotional or physical health, that somewhere, deep within you, lies a tiny, incy spot, that just loves me, unconditionally.

Having a business, means I rarely say no to bookings and “our time” has to slot in, so a surprise is planned, that I promise you will love,  so thank you for always be my side and being my better half.

It’s also important to remind you that I was 25 when we married and we have just passed our 26th wedding anniversary, that means I have spent over half my life as your Wife, wow, you deserve a medal.

A little relationship advice to all

The only greatest bit of marriage advice I have is, only marry somebody whose happiness and well-being is more important than your own because it’s a tough call to live with somebody on a day to day basis.

If you ever meet that one person who lights up your being, then, put them first, take the risk and don’t hold back.

True Unconditional Love only comes around once in a zillion years and it’s to be celebrated, nurtured and deserves 100% commitment.


6 responses to “Blog Post 4 is dedicated to Krish, my better half.”

  1. KRISHAN LEAL says:

    Thank you so kindly, I don’t think I deserve all those comments but appreciate your thoughts and love you always.

  2. Michala says:

    Love this celebration of your husband. Happy anniversary x

  3. Kim gilmour says:

    Lovely blog, so open and honest, you are both very special people who found each other or who were put together to make a special life and a special son….

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