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Banana Loaf

Are you thinking banana loaf isn’t very Indian and not very spicy, well, that’s true as most Indian mums use their ovens to store their oil filled Karahi, a thick steel deep fat fryer, my mum’s was a juggling act as it didn’t have a flat bottom and it was filled with oil and stored […]

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Chapaties, Roti or Flatbreads

Chapaties or roti are the daily staple bread in many Asian homes, we each have our own style and the recipe I share is a typical Punjabi recipe, the wheat flour is traditional atta, available in many Asian stores and larger supermarkets, I always choose medium flour, which is healthier than the white and not […]

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Lamb or Beef Kebabs

This time of year, we need quick recipes that taste great and can be served with a drink or just a versatile and easy dish which can be a starter or part of your buffet table, these kebabs ticks all the boxes for speed, convenience and you can even prepare ahead and cook at the […]

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Pumpkin Parathas

  A very popular Punjabi breakfast, stuffed flat breads, they can be eaten any time of the day, simply delicious with some yoghurt, pickles, daal or just a nice cup of masala chai (tea). These stuffed flat breads are cooked in a frying pan and such a treat when home made. The traditional Indian mum […]

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Tava Chicken

I love this recipe, simple, so much flavour, use chicken thigh with bone left in for maximum flavour, this one is a spicy one and great on wraps etc the next day. Traditionally, you would cook this on a tava (flat frying pan, a traditional chappatti pan), my OCD won’t allow anything other than breads […]

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Vegetable Somosas

A little Christmas favourite, triangular pastry parcels willed with a delicious filling.  If you can season these well, they will be far superior to anything you have ever had before, I promise you. Somosas are complicated, time consuming and am always disappointed when trying others and I have decided that making them myself is the […]

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