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Lajina’s Curry Club

NEW FOR 2020!

Want to enjoy the finest – and most exquisite – spices, delivered directly to your door each month?

Introducing Lajina’s Curry Club, where you get to enjoy authentic, home-style Indian cooking each month, with no hassle.

My subscription service is the result of the last 20 years of perfecting my spices. To me spicing is everything. It is also complicated, takes time to clean, roast, and grind the spices to perfection. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll agree there’s no going back to the supermarket brands.

My customers adore my spices (see all my testimonials on my home page), but it’s easy to forget to buy more. Before you know it, you’ve run out of my spices and you’re back to using the bland, mass-produced packs at the back of your cupboard.

You’ll have a range of my Lajina Masala spice blends delivered to your door each month, so you’ll always have enough in your cupboard to make healthy, tasty, and authentic Indian dishes for all your family, whenever you’re all craving for a curry.

Get yourself a subscription for yourself, or set it up as a gift for someone special. They’re truly unique presents that will surprise and delight your loved ones on their special day.

How much does it cost to join?

You will receive my two spice mixes PLUS one extra mix, along with two recipe cards and my hints and tips for just £10 per month.

Pay for your first subscription and then I will email you to set up the further two payments.


per month

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To join Lajina’s Curry Club, click on JOIN MY CURRY CLUB below and pay for your first subscription. I will then email you to set up the further 2 payments.

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Bringing families together, one spice mix at a time.

Cooking with loved ones and family is a fun, sociable activity where you learn together in the comfort of your own home and share the fruits of your labour.

With all my spice mixes being low in salt, sugar, fat, gluten free and free of allergens (they have been lab tested) you can cater for all your family needs and adapt my recipes.

Your monthly recipe cards maybe vegan or vegetarian but can be adapted for meat eaters or vice versa.

I’ll share with you how to make breads, even gluten free ones, vegan side dishes and vegetarian meals so everyone is catered for.

Versatility at your fingertips

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You can even cook for different tastes at the same time, once the curry base is made you can add your meat or vegetables to create two separate dishes.

My clever little spice packs are not just for curries, you can also create beautiful side dishes, salads, dips and breads.

You can even cheer up your cheese on toast, oomph up your omelettes, skyrocket your soups, boost your beans on toast and spice up your stews, lasagnes and pizzas.

Have a look at my individual spices to see how versatile they all are.

I am always busy in the Test Kitchen experimenting with new recipes and developing new spice blends, which will be added to the subscription service as and when the magic has been perfected.

How Lajina’s Curry Club works

Initially, I’ll be running curry club as a trial over three months. Each month you can spice up your life and receive three exquisite spice mixes, two of one of my Essential Curry or Tandoori Blends along with a quick and easy recipe for you to follow. I will include some hints and tips for you to experiment with cooking a dish yourself:

Curry Masala

Curry Masala

The Boss of Curry Creations

Tandoori Masala

Tandoori Masala

The Spice for Roasting & Marinating

Cardamom Kick

Cardamom Kick

The Simpler Curry Creator

In addition you will receive one of my Innovative Spice Finishers which you use a pinch at a time, along with a recipe and some more hints and tips of how else to finish your meals with a zing.


Chef Crush

Chef Crush

The Creative, Fun Spice

Garam Masala

Garam Masala

The Beast of the Indian Kitchen

Chaat Masala

Chaat Masala

The Sweet, Tangy, Spicy Finisher

As an example, you will receive:

Month 1
Two Curry Masala mixes and one Garam Masala to create a deep aromatic Vegetarian or Meat Curry, a dip and a simple chapatti.

Month 2
Two Tandoori Masala mixes and one Chaat Masala to create a Tandoori dish bursting with spicy flavours along with salad, dips and a naan bread.

Month 3
Two Cardamom Kick mixes and one Chef Crush to create the perfectly balanced Biryani – a delicious amalgamation of rice with aromatic spices.