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Chapaties, Roti or Flatbreads

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Serves 6 each
medium bowl
flat dinner plate
small bowl
rolling pin
frying pan or tava
Prep time
Cook Time

Chapaties or roti are the daily staple bread in many Asian homes, we each have our own style and the recipe I share is a typical Punjabi recipe, the wheat flour is traditional atta, available in many Asian stores and larger supermarkets, I always choose medium flour, which is healthier than the white and not as heavy as the wholemeal atta, you can mix equal quantities of white and wholemeal plain flours to save purchasing extra flour.

Chapaties are simply made from flour and water, you don’t need to add oil or salt, they make a perfect spoon to scoop up all those yummy curries you eat with them.

Take your time and practise these, it’s a lovely skill in the kitchen as it helps with rolling pastry and you can make your own tortillas too, the perfect chapati or roti will be soft with a crust on it, have a go, it’s great fun.

Making your own chapaties is a fun activity, get your family and in particular, your children involved, serve them warm and make them fresh as and when you need them.

I make the dough up as I need it and any leftover chapaties freeze really well.



  • 1 Cup
    flour plus extra for dusting
  • 1/3 Cup
    Warm water


  1. Place the flour into a medium sized bowl and start adding the water a little splash at a time, mixing with one hand and holding the bowl with the other.

    Keep adding water until you have a soft, not sticky dough.

  2. Knead the dough and cover with the dinner plate and allow to rest for fifteen minutes.

  3. The dough should make roughly 6 chappatties, I work on one chappatti at a time to save the dough from drying out.

    Shape the dough into a neat ball and flatten, use a little flour for dusting and using a rolling pin, roll into an 18cm circle.

    Put your frying pan or tava to warm on a medium heat.

    Try to keep the circular shape and practice to roll evenly as this is important for even cooking.

  4. Dust off any excess flour.

    Place the chappatti on the hot frying pan and cook the first side for 30 seconds, until little the chappatti starts to dry on the pan and flip over, (use a spatula) cook the second side for a minute and turn over to finish cooking.

    It's nice to finish a chappatti on a gas flame or press using a tea towel just to ensure it's cooked through.

    Fabulous, when hot and spread with a little butter :-)


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