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Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

Do you often find yourself hunting around for the local take-away leaflet, you’ve left it too late and wished you had prepared your meal earlier?  I used to do the same but now, with a little planning, I can create tasty feasts with very little effort.

There’s those glorious little sachets of curry masalas which sit pretty in your store cupboard, ready for when you fancy taking charge of your own culinary journey, so many curries with one base, just like the Indian mums make, it really is possible.

Simply, fry onions until golden, with a splash of water to prevent burning and add the spice mix with another splash of water and a good pinch of salt, hey presto, there’s your curry base!

Tomatoes are one my personal favourites, bringing a sour note along with a great sauce to the curry.  Some Indian mums don’t use tomatoes, preferring tangy tamarind but you can omit both, the curry will be fine 🙂

Back to your sauce: it’s the most basic form and you can use it in your base for  daals and curries.

Here’s some  tips to help create those restaurant-style curries that we crave:

For a Korma, add some coconut milk, ground almonds and some nuts.

For a Jalfrezi: It is peppers all the way for this one.

For a Tikka Masala: some yoghurt, cream and butter assists in the creation of this magical dish.

For a Rogan Josh is traditionally a hot, spicy lamb dish, start by using the curry masala and maybe add an extra chilli or two for those of you that fancy the spicier dishes.

The recipes can all be found in my recipe bank, the meat/veg/lentils etc can all be swapped around, the power of great home cooking is always Magic, Lots of Love, Lajina


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