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My name is Lajina, and I'm passionate about teaching you to cook authentic, perfectly seasoned Indian food.

Lajina Masala Curry Mix gives you the perfect base to create an amazing combination of dishes. Whether your favourite curry is Jalfrezi, Korma, Tikka Masala or Rogan Josh, our versatile little spice packs can create any of these by following a few simple steps.

The spice packs are full of bold Indian flavours, and naturally low in fat, sugar, salt and gluten-free, you can create your own authentic Indian dish in the comfort of your own home.


Spice Packs

Lajina Magic spice packs bring spicy happiness to your table. Our exquisite spice blend is so versatile, and let you create the perfect curry, whether your favourite is Jalfrezi, Korma, Tikka Masala or Rogan Josh. Whatever you choose, you'll have a tasty, authentic meal every time.

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Lajina's Curry Club

Want to enjoy the finest – and most exquisite – spices, delivered directly to your door each month? Introducing Lajina’s Curry Club, where you get to enjoy authentic, home-style Indian cooking each month by having my spices delivered to your door, with no hassle.

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Cooking Lessons

Join Lajina and learn the secrets of making tantalisingly spicy Indian curry, fragrant and fluffy rice, fresh Chappatties – and that’s just the mains. Somosas, Bhajes, Tikka, the list is endless, but the one thing they all have in common is they are all bursting with deep aromatic spicy flavours.

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Corporate Clients

Lajina will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to prepare, cook and then eat authentic Indian food in an informal, hands on, fun style.
Learn new organisational skills, timekeeping, logistics management and communication skills.

Corporate Clients

latest recipes

Keema – Minced Lamb of Beef

Wednesday 30th January

Mince or Keema curry can be made from minced lamb, beef, turkey, pork even vegetarian soya mince.  I always make mine using Quorn mince. This dish is drier than your usual curry so I usually serve it with roti (chapaties or naans, homemade of course).  The mince should be tender and will take on the […]…



Kirsty Smallman

Director, J&PR

Lajina's passion for her product and cooking is evident from the minute you meet her. I've taken part in a Masala Magic group cooking course and it was fun and I learned so much as to how to make a good curry. If you've got a pot of Curry Masala Magic in the cupboard everything else is easy!


Nathan Rous

Managing Director, Nathan Rous

Forget any other cooking experience you've ever had as nothing comes close to the phenomenal instruction from Lajina. An instant best friend, her warmth (from both her personality and her dishes) is infectious. My one-on-one tuition was a whistle-stop tour of the spice world. Lajina's tricks of the trade and inside knowledge has become a regular part of my culinary repertoire and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.


Sarah Dainty

Director of Sales, QHotels

A fantastic, colourful fun evening for my corporate event. The smell of spices and Lajina's perfectly professional presence made the night a success! Highly recommended and already booked my second event!!


Helen Leathers

Author, trainer, and coach

Lajina not only makes magic happen with her pots of spices but cooking with her is a magical experience too. I love cooking but even if you don't find it easy, you will with Lajina. She made the most wonderful food and we got to join in and learn how to as well. Lajina is serious about Indian cooking, but brings so much fun, joy and magic with her, you can't help but have a fantastic time. And the food tastes incredible too. 


Lady Harriet Hamilton

Apley Farm Shop & Garden

It's been a great pleasure to work with Lajina recently. She took part in the first Apley Bake Off at Apley Farm Shop & was a great credit to the day, giving a demonstration, a masterclass for adults as well as children's activities. The results are always delicious!


Chris Haycock

Managing Director, CliqTo Media

Lajina is an absolute delight to work with. Ambitious, passionate about her business (and cooking), and highly motivated. She is a real 'people-person' who delights in making people smile. I always enjoy working alongside Lajina because she's able to turn anyone's frown into an ear-to-ear grin!