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Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

The million dollar question, Lajina how do you teach us to cook our favourite Indian dishes?  The answer is simple, for the past three years, I have been setting up and growing my business, knowing that the spicing of the Indian kitchen is complicated and the solution lies with my home-made masalas.

My customers can include a family, where we cook favourite dishes together to form a feast for you all to share, I have been known to cook with little ones as young as four and yes, they will make chappatties and eat them with daal.  You will be surprised how adventurous these little people become when they get stuck in.

There’s the corporate clients who contact me to create an alternative team building event for them, I am friends with a hotel group and can hire kitchens for bespoke training days, all you need to do is ask.

Cooking with me is an ideal gift for the person who loves Indian food, some one who wants to increase their repertoire and then of course, there’s the group of friends who think it will be just great fun to have a night in and learn to cook as an alternative to going out for an Indian.

What will we cook?  I ask many questions so I can create the experience on your behalf, I start with what do you order when you go for an Indian?  Are there any allergies in the group, dairy, nuts, mustard, fish, seafood, eggs, wheat?  Do you avoid certain ingredients?  Spicing levels are taken into consideration along with personal preferences, its easier to plan for dietary needs if I am aware of them.

Usually, I travel to your kitchen or book a suitable venue on your behalf, this is all part of the service and actually cooking in your kitchen with your utensils is the best place to learn and to continue to practise those newly acquired skills. Please look out for my  workshops where you can buy a ticket to learn to cook with me, or better still, send your loved one so you can take a rest!

All that remains is to calculate the time it will take to cook your meal, are you keen cooks? and have you ever cooked before?  Would you like me to do the bulk of the prep before I arrive or would you like to cook from scratch? The answers determine how long I need to teach you to cook your favourite meal, will we take a break so you can enjoy your starters or would you like me to arrive with the starters?

See, it’s easy, now I have all the details, I can plan your cooking lesson or party so it becomes a special treat, not a chore, you can relax knowing that you have a personalised cooking lesson where you will learn many tips and tricks to cook your favourite Indian dishes in a flash.


Let the masala work its’ magic while you curry on!



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Lajina Leal, Lajina Masala

Lajina Leal, Founder, Lajina Masala

Lajina had a Corporate Career as an Accountant for many years and whilst discussing an impending redundancy in an Indian restaurant with her friends, they persuaded her to set up an Indian Cooking School.

The fun started in October 2013 and the business has grown from strength to strength.

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