Yule Adore a little Spice This Christmas – Day Five

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Start thinking about your curry loving friends, a little spice sachet in their stocking or secret Santa gift.  Maybe a personal cooking lesson with me.

Today has been very productive, cooking and prepping for the next two days, tomorrow is all about tasters of nibbles for a corporate event and Thursday is cooking for a charity dinner, photos and details are on their way.

Recipe of the day

Spicy butter sitting in the fridge could be your secret weapon ready to attack those bland flavours whenever you should need it.

Try it on some naans, chapaties, vegetables, on your tandoori chicken, a little goes a long way.

Take about 1/4 block of unsalted butter, add some chopped herbs, I like coriander, chives, parsley, basil, whatever I have sitting in the fridge with some salt flakes, garam masala, crushed garlic, chillies.  The butter will sit in the fridge for days and season up everyday dishes, I might add it to soups, curries, rice, the list is endless.

Please get in touch if I can help and happy spicing!

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Lajina Leal, Lajina Masala

Lajina Leal, Founder, Lajina Masala

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