Blog Post 02 – Being killed in a PT session

Saturday, July 16th, 2022

This last week has been an interesting journey to my new fitness regime, thank you to all of those that commented and read my last blog. I will be journaling here for myself as I feel I have something to share.  I honestly feel I’m finally on track, it’s taken all my adult life and I will keep sharing here, if only to keep me in this beautiful headspace.

I have starting tracking, water consumption, daily calories and protein intake, steps, hip/waist measurements and the activity at the gym.

The gym I joined is Rise in Wellington and I love it, the classes are great, the Personal Trainers are greater and it’s a fabulous supportive atmosphere for all, thank you to the team.

After last week’s drama of the scales, I am weighing once a week which is absolutely fine, if I lose, if I don’t it’s ok.

This journey, this time is so much more rewarding than ever before and as I type this blog, I am smiling away, beaming with a new sense of excitement for life.

Here’s a list of the random stuff going on in my head:

Personal Training and being genuinely killed

Clearly didn’t think this one through…

I did sweatfest with Dieter on Thursday morning and as I was having my pt session the next day, I suggested we have two hours and spend the second focusing on my yoga practice.

He didn’t listen to the brief or I didn’t make myself clear, it was an amazing session, really worked brilliantly and the session was full of new challenges but oddly enough, it comes with a BUT, I was beasted beyond anything.  I was incapable of cooking the Mexican feast I had planned for the family and nodded off many times when I met some friends in the evening.

There was this exercise and I shudder to think about it, you had to squat down, crawl across a mat, get into a plank for about 20 seconds, crawl back and somehow stand up again. I have no idea why my brilliant trainer would put his hippo like trainee in such a position, but let’s not question his expertise.

See you next week, D, same place, same time!

I feel great after yesterday’s battering, my muscles don’t hurt, they just kinda thank (and forgive) me for finally giving them their worth. I am soooo grateful that my body is responding as it is and I feel sorry that I didn’t embark on this journey earlier.

Wander if my blog readers would like some photos or videos of my hippo like moves? Pop a note here and I won’t disappoint.


The new smart motorways have terrifed me and I drove back from Manchester at 40 miles per hour in November last year. I thought am I ever gonna get back to my earlier comfort zones?  The trucks driving past would beep and I hated it.  Last week, I drove back from Manchester and found myself driving as you should and overtaking in the fourth lane.

The point is, you’ll get the benefit of getting fitter and healthier in every day activities, not just the mirror and hopefully without a speeding fine.

Saggy Skin

For the last twenty plus years, I have moisturised myself daily from my chin down to my ankles, in preparation of no saggy skin from weight loss and I am properly reaping the benefits of that. I have cranked this up to twice a day which seems to make Lisa chuckle and thanks for waiting me while I “supple” myself up.  Just thought I’d share this top tip as I am connecting with the changes. Too Much Information but there is absolutely a valid reason for me to write this.


are super delicious, they always have been. If anything, I no longer eat snacks, have only drunk one glass of wine in the last two months and we take it it in turns to cook.

Here is the delicious breakfast, Sam cooked for me, it’s a feast of love on a plate, thank you my lovely.

Consistently loving and supporting your family to cook is so important, I am hooked and so invested into my own well-being journey. Please shout me if you fancy a glass of sparkling water or a walk sometime.


2 responses to “Blog Post 02 – Being killed in a PT session”

  1. KRISHAN LEAL says:

    Excellent message with inspiration and the importance of family bonding.

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