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Aloo Palak, Spinach and Potatoes


Spinach dishes are by far the most popular when discussing menus for my business, spinach and potatoes is a classic, a dish served regularly at home and when spiced well, is so healthy and yummy. The potatoes can be swapped for lamb, chicken or paneer (Indian cheese), the principle remains the same, fry your onions, […]

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Basic Chicken Curry


Once you have learnt the art of making a basic, tasty, fresh curry sauce, you can’t go back to jars or ready made sauces, it is so simple and healthy, with guaranteed results every time. So, I know you have a video of this recipe and the instructions are included on the curry masala pots, […]

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Onion Bhajes are very similar to Punjabi pakoras, with a subtle spicing difference and of course a combination of red or white onions, it’s a savoury dish I make without fresh coriander, saving that for the delicious and fresh tamarind dip which accompanies these little crispy fried, dumplings. Bhajes are one of those speedy dishes […]

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Butter Chicken

butter chicken

Butter Chicken is a Punjabi favourite, it’s been said that it’s the closest dish to the Chicken tikka masala. Previously, I have used fresh tomatoes, spiced then pureed them and baked the chicken before adding it all together, a two step, tricky process and I felt this could be improved and made simpler, especially for us […]

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Chapaties, Roti or Flatbreads


Chapaties or roti are the daily staple bread in many Asian homes, we each have our own style and the recipe I share is a typical Punjabi recipe, the wheat flour is traditional atta, available in many Asian stores and larger supermarkets, I always choose medium flour, which is healthier than the white and not […]

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Chicken Pasanda


Chicken Pasanda is a creamy, mildly spiced curry. Boneless chicken is marinated in yoghurt and spices and cooked in a curry sauce with roasted and ground almonds mixed with water to make a roasted almond milk. Originally, made with lamb, but chicken pasanda is usually requested so here is the recipe, please enjoy. Pasanda means […]

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Home made Easy Naans


The simplest naan recipe, delivering fluffy, pillowy flatbreads, so moreish and lovely to mop up your yummy curries. The recipe has been tried and tested in many ways, travelled with me to teach others, it’s an easy one for you all to follow and so easy to adapt with your favourite flavours. Please don’t be too precious […]

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Kheer – Punjabi Rice Pudding


Kheer is traditionally cooked in a big pan on the stove, sweet and moreish. It’s served in temples and eaten on special occasions, mine is the easiest recipe and as I add nuts, seeds to other Indian sweets, when making kheer, I keep it simple, just sweet and milky. Traditional at Lohri, so please have […]

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Lajina Curry Masala Daal


This is a nutritious and easy-to-make dish that can bring variety to an everyday menu. It’s also extremely delicious. It uses daal (lentils), so it’s great for vegetarians too. Finish it off with a handful of coriander and you’ve just made yourself a dish that would be worthy of any top Indian chef.

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Lamb or Beef Kebabs


This time of year, we need quick recipes that taste great and can be served with a drink or just a versatile and easy dish which can be a starter or part of your buffet table, these kebabs ticks all the boxes for speed, convenience and you can even prepare ahead and cook at the […]

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Masala Spice Leg of Lamb (Masala Raan)


I consider this one of the easiest Indian dinner party dishes you could make, it has wow factor, requires some prep and marination, but once roasting, bar the odd basting, the lamb takes care of itself. It’s never failed to impress yet; there’s something very special about this dish. A good home made Raita (yoghurt, […]

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Pumpkin Parathas

pumpkin paratha

  A very popular Punjabi breakfast, stuffed flat breads, they can be eaten any time of the day, simply delicious with some yoghurt, pickles, daal or just a nice cup of masala chai (tea). These stuffed flat breads are cooked in a frying pan and such a treat when home made. The traditional Indian mum […]

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Rogan Josh Lamb Curry


It makes a nice change to use lamb in a curry and this recipe is perfect for making your first lamb-based curry using easy to find ingredients as well as the Masala Magic Pot. This freezes well so I have recommended you make a bigger pot.

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Saag (Punjabi Greens)


My saag recipe is the traditional method, with lots of short cuts, not turning the occasion of making saag into a stressful event. I would always help my mum to wash and chop the green leaves, but once it went into a pan, I never understood the thickening or cooking process, it was too time-consuming […]

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Tava Chicken


I love this recipe, simple, so much flavour, use chicken thigh with bone left in for maximum flavour, this one is a spicy one and great on wraps etc the next day. Traditionally, you would cook this on a tava (flat frying pan, a traditional chappatti pan), my OCD won’t allow anything other than breads […]

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Vegetable Somosas


A little Christmas favourite, triangular pastry parcels willed with a delicious filling.  If you can season these well, they will be far superior to anything you have ever had before, I promise you. Somosas are complicated, time consuming and am always disappointed when trying others and I have decided that making them myself is the […]

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